Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clearly you're not busy. Pet me.

Went on a jog with my puppy, took one step inside....

I'm just gonna keep you in my pocket...

My friend's dog decided to perfect her picture...

Somebody called Hank ugly today.

I went to an open house at the cat shelter my so volunteers at. she said "reddit would love it here".

One of the best "Doggie" photos I have ever seen!

For my cakeday, I present my puppy, Mr. Darcy, who kindly requests that you play with him.

Meet Sinister Cat. Plotting to take over the world...

We have a fenced off section of our deck for our puppies to run around in.

The Best of Friends

This belongs here.

This should keep them warm

She decided she wanted an up close photo

My dogs tongue doesn't fit into his mouth.

Had to put cardboard up to keep the baby ducks from getting out still figured they might want to see what's going on. Chocky

I am delighted to be here.

Sugar gliders...yes or no?

What do you mean no cuddle time?

Saw a kitten outside so we left it something to eat. Didn't think this would happen...

My niece brought this to me saying "i always see you looking at kitties on your computer so i colored this for you!"

Overly Attatched Cat

Forbidden fruit...